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Our Portfolio

In order to achieve your financial dreams, you must have multiple sources of income. Our goal is to provide our equity investor partners with passive income so they can achieve financial independence and live life on their own terms.

Jauhar Capital Investment Through Technology


We leverage sophisticated tools & technology to stay ahead of the competition. By using proprietary technology we are able to identify the best markets and operate our properties at high quality & low-cost.

Jauhar Capital

Jauhar Capital was founded by Rohun Jauhar. After working at top-tier companies such as Facebook & GE, he identified an opportunity in multi-family real estate where he could bring his financial, operational, and strategic experience to become one of the best multifamily investors in the USA.

Jauhar Capital Inside Multifamily Investing

Inside Multifamily Investing

Multifamily proved to be quite the investment in 2018, and this trend is continuing into this year. If you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around investing in multifamily, it’s all for good reason. Find out more from our specially curated guide to multifamily investing.